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​How Do I Place An Order?


All in One is set up so that ordering is simple for anyone.   Simply click on the item of choice, pick the color, quantity wanted and then fill in your shipping and payment information.

What is your Payment and Shipping policy?


You must be paid in full before any merchandise will be shipped.  Shipping charges will be included in your total.  Please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery.  Custom orders may take up to 2 weeks for shipping.


​Do you have Secure Ordering & Payment Options?


All in One takes in consideration of your concern for secure online ordering.  All sites used for payments are secure.  

What are your Method(s) of Payment?

All In One accepts credit cards, PayPal, Cash app, Apple Pay as a method of payment.

What is your Returns & Refunds policy?


All In One is in the business of making jewelry that will last, making memorable t-shirts and other printing needs.   In the event  a piece will  need to be returned it must be returned with a postmarked date stamped no later than 1 week after the merchandise was originally shipped.  

No Refunds will be given, but customer will receive a store credit that will be the cost of the original piece minus shipping & handling and taxes.


What is your Privacy Policy?

Your privacy is important to .  All personal All In One. information will be handled with care and will not be sold or used for any reason other than customer awareness of sales & coupons and  payment for order.

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